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The payroll figures from the establishment report are considered a coincident indicator. Other states and cities should take action to ban credit checks. Employment credit checks can perpetuate and amplify this injustice, translating a legacy of unfair lending into another subtle means of employment discrimination.

Unfortunately, the safeguards included in the Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA to protect job-seekers from credit reporting errors have not always proven to be sufficient.

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Although employers are required to notify job applicants before implementing a decision not to hire them based in any part on information from a credit report, employer compliance with this rule is difficult to monitor or enforce.

Want to dive into the results yourself? The first survey — ofbusinesses — covers over industries Employment situation survey several hundred metropolitan areas to form a snapshot of how the labor market is performing nationally, regionally, and by city.

I was really disappointed, because I felt I was more than qualified for the position. What looks significant to one employer might not seem important to another.

Employers can reject any job applicant who refuses a credit check. Nonfarm payroll jobs estimates are based on a survey of business establishments and government agencies, and are intended to measure the number of jobs, not the number of people employed.

The information is timely regarding both wage and job growth. The tone of this report often sets the tone of other economic reports released during the month.

Our survey of low- and middle-income households carrying credit card debt finds that approximately 1 in 7 of these households recall being asked by an employer or prospective employer to authorize a credit check.

In the summer ofMs. The article tells the story of Maria Ortiz, who, after years of steady employment, spent nearly two years looking for work and was still unable to land a job despite assistance from a workforce development agency: The business establishment survey covers about seven times the number of households surveyed and is therefore considered a more reliable indicator of economic conditions.

Many Americans seem to agree: City and State Governments Pass legislation banning employment credit checks. Private sector payroll jobs increased 7, and government decreased The largest over the month decline was in trade, transportation, and utilities. This is an excellent policy choice for cities and counties that are prohibited by state law from regulating private employers: I should have been working in, Due to rounding, the unemployment rate was unchanged from December at 3.

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Currently many federal agencies require credit checks as part of their determination of suitability for federal employment. The number of people actively participating in the labor force increased 4, to 3, and total employment increased 4, to 2, causing the number of unemployed to increase Over the year, nonfarm payroll jobs increased 67, with an increase of 57, in the private sector and an increase of 10, in government.

Overdevelopers took the minute survey this past January. Nearly half 45 percent of those with credit scores below say they have incurred expenses relating to the loss of a job in the last three years.

Stop government use of employment credit checks for its own hiring. Many government entities, from local city councils to federal agencies, can take action to reduce the prevalence of employment credit checks and otherwise mitigate their negative impact.

And while a growing number of state laws restrict the circumstances under which an employer can discriminate against job applicants on the basis of credit history see endnotes for a list of state statutesfederal law permits employers to use credit history as a basis for denying employment.

The CFPB should use its new supervisory authority to ensure that credit reporting agencies reduce the incidence of errors on credit reports and improve their dispute resolution procedures.

This matches the lowest annual rate of unemployment for the state established in We look forward to seeing what you find! The Commonwealth Fund found that in41 percent of working-age adults had accrued medical debt or reported a problem paying their medical bills.

Economic Indicators: Employee Situation Report

The average number of hours per week worked in the non-farm sector. Women say their highest priorities are company culture and opportunities for professional development, while men say their highest priorities are compensation and working with specific technologies.

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Credit reports may be purchased by employers through any number of companies that offer employment background checks which also may include checks of criminal records or other public data but the credit portion of the report is typically supplied by one of three large global corporations: One by one, other jobs started to say: Among job applicants with blemished credit histories, 1 in 7 has been advised that they were not being hired because of their credit.

Bill Thoennes at or Cher Haavind at Fax:The statistic shows the opinion on the employment situation in Italy in According to the survey, 71 percent of respondents believed that the employment situation did not restart in Italy. “The Employment Situation Report,” also known as the Labor Report, is an extremely broad-based indicator released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Employment Situation Report

It is the most comprehensive labor. The Employment Situation report is a monthly report that combines two separate surveys about the labor market. The Employment Situation report is released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Establishment Survey collects data from a sampling of more thanbusinesses across the country. The total employment estimate derived from this survey is intended to measure the number of people employed. The business establishment survey covers about seven times the number of households surveyed and is therefore considered a more reliable indicator of economic conditions.

Employment Situation Definition The most closely watched of all economic indicators, the employment situation is a set of monthly labor market indicators based on two separate reports: the establishment survey which tracksworksites and offers the nonfarm payroll and average hourly earnings headlines and the household survey which.

HKUST GES UG 1 SURVEY FINDINGS 1. Employment Situation Among the 2, respondents, 1, graduates (%) were full‐time employed.

Employment situation survey
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