Dell strategic management assignment case study solution

In contrast, to exploit local market responsiveness, by acknowledging local adaptation, decentralisation and autonomy might be useful in many cases. Analysis of Strength, Weaknesses and External Environment To assess its position in the market, SWOT analysis is the best vehicle. Their services deal with various questions and issues like, delivery options, return policies, tracking orders, shipping methods, payment options, customer accounts and tech support for home users, small businesses and enterprises.

Although operating globally, Dell has a particularly strong presence in the Americas, its largest geographic market - accordingly, the Americas generated The success of the innovative thinking by HSPT is promoting and building a suitable relationship with all the pacific communities and collaborating between them.

Business Level Strategy Listen, Learn and Deliver are the three core values1 of Dell Company, which made this company very successful in supplying IT, related products and services.

Thus, Dell can both bypass the reseller channel and keep its stock of components and finished goods low Magretta, The average number of the customers visiting the coffee houses of the company is about 30 million per week on average. The value chain is based on the idea that value, instead of cost, is added at every stage Brown et al.


The political aspects are likely to include worldwide, government directives, funding council and institutional policies. Rather, organisational leadership and organisational dynamics form the end poles of a continuum with regard to re shaping the organisational system ibid.

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JISC infonet, Social: Therefore, to remain competitive, it is essential for the company to satisfy them with the best service and solution David, Firstly, factors have been determined in this coming section of the report.

Firstly, factors have been determined in this coming section of the report. Intend of this report is to propose the understanding of the external environment affecting an organization. In recent years, Dell introduced new products, for instance handhelds, printers, and consumer electronics.


But a rare choice is that between tight, top-down management control and self-regulatory organisational chaos. However, at the end of these value-adding activities, the observation has been made with increasing frequency that Dell also loses value by delivering poor customer service and support Brown et al.

Personal consumers who may need a laptop right there and then will not have time to customize their laptop and wait for what may be days to get their laptop. Through its multi segments, It proposes its customers a spectrum of solutions and services globally by itself or by other distribution channels.

Additional factors can be consumer expenditure, interest rates, currency fluctuations, exchange rates and other costs in order to evaluate the influence of economic factors on the organization.

Kraemer and Dedrick n.

Strategic Management – Case Study: Dell Inc.

However, also from a more internally focused perspective - the organisational context - an interesting point should be understood, i. In the long run of its business journey, Dell empowered people around the world to adapt as well as to realize their dream with technology.

To continue with this proven quality, company determines the external factors which may affect the performance.

The gaps within the current operating model and the desired operating model could be easily identified. Business level strategy refers to an integrated and coordinated set of actions the firm uses to gain a competitive advantage by exploiting core competencies in specific product markets.

It will then make it easy to outline the factors affecting.


To continue with this proven quality, company determines the external factors which may affect the performance. Second, since Dell's current sales to corporations account for about 85 per cent, the author recommends a stronger focus on the more lucrative high-growth private consumer segment.

One of the strengths of Dell and what really separates them from other companies is their customer intimacy. The fast growth in technology and the supply of technology related products push customer to have more expectations but demands for low-priced and differentiated products.

Customers can also give their feedback or suggestion for current and future Dell products and services through an interactive portion of their website called Dell IdeaStorm.

To offer these support and services efficiently, it has framed business plans and strategies. Through its multi segments, It proposes its customers a spectrum of solutions and services globally by itself or by other distribution channels.

In addition to deficiency of brand reliability, the switching cost is very less in the industry because most of the systems are based on the Intel processor.

In an international management approach, one organisational challenge is to establish cross-border synergies, by means of standardising, coordinating, and centralising activities across political and cultural boundaries ibid.

Dell started to partner with successful firms like EMC and other firms in the industries to be able to attain affordability in storage for customers and raise conditions in the workplace, society and the environment. Then, report throws light on the process of building that strategic plan by reviewing all the options available.

The ability of Dell to provide relatively low-priced laptops to their consumers gives them a great advantage. Therefore, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of DELL company have been discussed here one by one David, For instance, direct relationship with customers and offering them choices; Dell is using direct selling, customers can purchase systems and services from Dell via telephone, at a growing number of retail stores, and through its website, where they may review, configure, and price systems within the entire product line; order systems online; and track orders from manufacturing through shipping.Dell Inc., Strategic Management Case Study Sophie Yanez I.

Introduction Dell was founded in under the name, PCs Limited by Michael Dell who at the. 2/7/ Dell Strategic Management Assignment/Case Study Solution (Project) Total Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix Key Internal Factors Weight Rating Weighted Score the mark ups added by the reselling party through the direct sales to end buyer resulting in lower costs to consumer without cutting down margins for Dell http.

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT Case Solution, STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT Case Solution The company manages around stores in 26 countries around the world and had employed employees for.

Strategic Management – Case Study: Dell Inc.

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PDF | What are the advantages to Dell of having manufacturing sites located where they are? What are the potential disadvantages? and more. Strategic Management, case analysis DELL. Uploaded by. Monypich Sou. customer orientation and commitment by investing 1 billion dollars in providing their customers around the world with solutions to various problem and issues that they encounter.

It’s obvious that one of the key successes to Dell’s growth over the years is their.

Dell strategic management assignment case study solution
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