Allan baillie family

He returned to Glasgow in and worked as a cab-driver. Andrews which again the locals won. He lived with his father, and while going up the stairs to bed, followed by a younger brother, he precipitated himself from a window, and fell on the roof of the Free Collage.

Being engaged at the shears in taking down a mast, the rope slipped and striking him on the breast knocked him into the water. He was a constable for the town in He was born inmarried in Isabella Elizabeth Clarke or Clarka sister, as already pointed out, of Mrs.

He was then doing repairs on the Simeoe, furnishing labour, plank, timber, etc. A minute of the Musselburgh Club in shows that as a result of a challenge from the Bruntsfield Club a six-a-side match was played in October of that year at Musselburgh, the visitors winning by 3 holes but a return match three weeks later also at Musselburgh went to the local club side by a hole.

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Can anyone help with info? Bobby played golf on the Braid Hills course in Edinburgh where he met and established a life long friendship with Tommy Armour.

Born 11 June Married Annette Maria Palk. If Davie Brown was playing against Sayers, he would carry a newspaper and when Ben began his tricks, Davie would pretend to read the newspaper as if he did not notice Sayers antics.

He remained single and resided at 93 North High Street, Musselburgh where he died inaged 66 years. Alexander Cosgrove died in Inveresk Poor House inaged 46 years.

Badgley, Josep sic -S. Gahan, Mary Gahan; Sp. His birth took place on December 22, At Irvine, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. The tournament was played nine times when the Open Championship was played in Scotland. He returned to Glasgow in and worked as a cab-driver. Just before the Lieutenant-Governor returned to England on leave of absence, inMr.Allan Baillie was born circaat birth place, New Jersey, to Allan D Baillie and Mary E Baillie.

Allan had 4 siblings: Marjorie Ballie and 3 other siblings. Allan lived inat address, Maryland.

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Musselburgh - East Lothian Advanced Booking Course History Views Score Card. A Tribute to our Pioneering Ancestors Who Immigrated to Australia - - They Came, They Stayed & They Prospered.

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Musselburgh - East Lothian Advanced Booking Course History Views Score Card.

Allan baillie family
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