Advantages and disadvantages of wireline vs tcp perforating

Overbalance perforating In most cases, overbalanced perforating drives the wellbore fluid into the perforation and has the capacity to create particulate damage in the perforations. Casing of low or unknown strength corroded, old, flawed, or poorly supported casing definitely should be shot with a hollow-carrier gun.

Surprisingly, there are several cases in which perforated length does not make a significant difference in well productivity. Standardization Although computers are capable of exchanging data with each other using several data transfer methods, communication by its Advantages and disadvantages of wireline vs tcp perforating definition requires the transferred information to be understood on the receiving end.

Perforating produces a damage zone around the perforation in which permeability may be reduced substantially below that of the native state formation. As previously stated, most perforations have a crushed zone and other damage mechanisms that hinder production.

The jet is formed through a highly critical, but usually reliable, sequence of events. This is achieved in a systematic manner, called the three-way TCP handshake.

Wireline generally is the lower cost system in wells in which only a few gun runs are necessary to complete the perforating design. Perforating Requirements for Fracture Stimulations. This means a computer running Windows can connect to a web server running Linux to browse the website hosted there.

When a well is perforated with a wireline gun with the differential pressure into the well, the flowing fluid tries to move the cable up the hole because of the lift effect produced by fluid drag and the effect of differential pressure on the area of the gun or cable. Flow through an open perforation should not be a restriction in the flowing system.

Improving flow capacity Creating a perforation is relatively easy. Journal of Petroleum Technology 35 1: J Pet Technol 35 1: If the first computer receives that packet, it sends another one to the second computer, the reception of which by the latter establishes a connection. The effect is similar to driving a nail through a block of wood.

Perforating Multiple Strings of Casing: Longer perforations are less influenced by the crush zone than are short perforations. Reduction of Perforating Gunshock Loads. Getting Through the Overlap Zone.

Water jets Although water jets with pressure impact on the order of 20, psi are used as steel cutters in surface applications, they usually are not effective downhole when the backpressure is more than approximately 1, psi.

Leaving unperforated sections in a highly deviated or horizontal well also gives remedial operations such as plug setting a much better chance for success. Expendable and semiexpendable guns cause substantially more damage because the casing must stand the shock of detonation.

Failure to achieve or maintain high-order firing at any point in the explosive sequence will cause all subsequent explosive to initiate low order and burn with very slow energy release.

Because some fluid is lost to the formation in any jetting job, the damage aspect of the carrier fluid should be investigated. Because fluids must flow through this crush zone, understanding how and why it forms and how to remove or bypass it is of primary importance in completion engineering.

External links Use this section to provide links to relevant material on websites other than PetroWiki and OnePetro See also. A modification of the EOP process uses explosive propellant to deliver a pressure pulse that achieves the same type of breakdown as the fluid, but with minimum equipment.

Perforation depths formed by abrasives are typically short because the returning fluid and solids interfere with the ability of high-pressure fluids to access deeper targets. Optimum shot density for a well can best be determined with a nodal analysis simulator; however, judgment is needed when dealing with highly laminated formations or when the formation flow path is suitably inhomogeneous to create limited entry effects in the inflow.

Bottomhole pressure equivalents to 1. For hydraulic fracturing or gravel-pack treatments, a large, effective entrance hole through the pipe and cement is more important than total perforation penetration. The type of abrasive varies with the job, but sand is the most common material for perforating and pipe cutoff.

This is partly because of the additional brittle cracking of the formation increasing permeabilitythe ability of the ball sealer to create a seal on the perforation, and the reduced number of bullet perforators normally used in a well.

It is quite similar to the use of English as an international language today. Only in natural completions does the perforation tunnel length dominate the other factors.

Perforation diameter Although rarely considered, the perforation diameter also may influence the productivity ratio, especially in high productivity wells. Casing guns with staggered phasing have improved the casing collapse resistance loss.

Advantages of the TCP/IP Protocol

Modifications to lubricator and pressure-control equipment also allow coiled tubing and some snubbing operations to run and retrieve perforating guns.Perforating Types Wireline conveyed perforating(WCP) Wireline casing perforating Through tubing perforating (TTP) Tubing conveyed perforating (TCP).

Wellhead control NATIONAL LOGGING CORP. •Use of the safety detonator.

Tubing-Conveyed Perforating

Advantages of to operate. •Cheap and easy for short NATIONAL LOGGING CORP. For safety, precision and results, Perforating Solutions from Halliburton encompass the industry's leading technologies, tools and techniques for critical perforation operations.

With an unequalled success and safety record, Halliburton continues to develop and introduce new and innovative products for tubing conveyed and wireline perforating. Tubing-Conveyed Perforating Systems Full-Service Support, Complete Optimization WIRELINE SERVICES Delivering downhole perforating solutions through our expertise, innovation, and collaboration efficiency, and safety.

Our tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) systems are suited for a full complement of casing and liner sizes, and they. Tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) completion techniques enable perforating very long intervals in one run—some TCP strings have exceeded 8, ft [2, m] in length—and in highly deviated and horizontal wells TCP is the only means of accessing to the perforating depth.

C4 Perforating - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Perforating. wireline with or without wireline pressure control equipment. Tubing-Conveyed Perforating guns TCP: o the assembly of a perforating gun on the end of drill pipe string.

the guns would be detached and dropped into the sump. the. Advantages of abrasive-perforating methods include the ability to make perforations with maximum flow area and with minimum damage to the formation or to the integrity of the steel pipe. The perforations are shallow in most cases, limited by the backwash of returning fluids.

Advantages and disadvantages of wireline vs tcp perforating
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